Tonbridge to Redhill – Travel Information

Following the landslip at Godstone, we are working with the relevant rail companies to restore a service as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. That is likely to take some time. You can read more on our efforts here.

This page is to give a helpful overview of the service that is available and what your options are as a passenger.

We would recommend using National Rail Enquiries (either via the App or via their website) for the latest information, as this is likely to change.

Please note that if you are planning on using the replacement bus service, it’s recommended that you use the advanced search options and specify that you want to travel via Godstone. This is to stop the London Bridge options appearing.

The following travel routes are available:

Weekdays (from 6th January 2020)

An hourly shuttle service will run from Tonbridge to Edenbridge. From Edenbridge onward travel will be by rail replacement bus service.

If you travel between Tonbridge and Redhill (or vice versa) you can also use your ticket to travel via London Bridge on Southeastern and then to Redhill on Thameslink.

The bus stops are as follows:

Redhill – outside the main station entrance

Nutfield – on the A25 at the Nutfield Memorial Hall (please note this is just over 1 mile north of the station)

Godstone – Eastbourne Road, opposite The Lagham pub (Platform 2 side)

Edenbridge – on Station Road, near the station itself

As Nutfield clearly isn’t ideal, there is also a mini bus service that can take you from Nutfield station to Redhill.


No shuttle trains are running, meaning that it’s bus or via London Bridge only.

Please note that the Redhill buses will also drop you off at the Toby Carvery at the back of the station. You can stay on and get off at the main entrance if that suits you better. It’s unclear why this is different at weekends from weekdays.  Pick up is only from the main entrance outside the station, as on weekdays.

Again, a dedicated minibus Nutfield to Redhill will run.

Car parking arrangements for season ticket holders

If you have a season ticket starting from one of the stations on the Tonbridge to Redhill route, you can apply for a parking exemption at Redhill, Merstham, East Grinstead, Lingfield or Oxted at no extra cost.

To apply, you should send an email with the subject line “Tonbridge-Redhill Season Ticket” with a copy of their rail season ticket, photocard and vehicle number plate to “”.

If you don’t email and receive approval, you may receive fines through the automatic number plate security measures installed at these car parks and so definitely email and wait for a response before attempting.

We would advise people to drive early as some of these car parks are very well used and so you may not be able to get a parking space.

Delay Repay

Southern are offering no additional compensation for the inconvenience suffered by passengers, however every journey is likely to be subject to delay repay. This is because buses are significantly slower than trains on this part of the route and therefore the service cannot be maintained to the same time table.

It is important to note that you assess your delay repay against the original timetable (a copy of which can be downloaded from here).

You can also claim for ‘abandoned journeys’ – for example, if you intended to travel but decide to work from home instead of enduring the rail replacement buses. If you have a season ticket and were going to make those journeys then you are entitled to compensation.

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