TLC welcomes plugging of gap in trains to Hildenborough

Those travelling from Tonbridge to Hildenborough in the evening rush hour have highlighted an unwelcome feature of the May 2018 timetable, namely a gap in departures of over an hour.  The May timetable included no trains from Tonbridge to Hildenborough between 17:00 and 18:01.

Following TLC raising the issue, Southeastern has confirmed that from Monday 2 July the 17:41 from Tonbridge will stop at Hildenborough.  Unfortunately the 17:33 cannot call at Hildenborough due restrictions imposed on the timetable by the single track Somerhill tunnel.  TLC has long called for Network Rail to widen this tunnel to allow for a more flexible and robust timetable, but Network Rail stubbornly refuses to seriously consider this idea, instead placing it in the “too difficult” box.

We were aware from comments our social media channels that the lack of trains for over an hour has been causing considerable inconvenience, both to workers and students.  As a result, we welcome the fact that Southeastern has listened to passengers and is restoring a stop on the 17:41 service, though it is regrettable that a regular half hourly service cannot be delivered throughout the evening.

One thought on “TLC welcomes plugging of gap in trains to Hildenborough

  1. This morning a notice went up that from Monday 6th Aug the 08.19 Hildenborough to Canon Street will only have 7 coaches! Doesn’t say for how long this drastic shortening is taking place for.

    This service has already been reduced from 12 to 11 after the new timetable. It was 12 for years and years and no explanation has been given by SE trains for why the new timetable means it is only 11. And now its going to be only around half that length! SE trains are by stealth destroying the Cannon street service from Hildenborough. Before all the London Bridge works there was an 08.48, again for many years. That disappeared during the London Bridge works never to appear again. And the connection at similar time to a Hastings train to Cannon street at Sevenoaks was also taken away.
    Has Tonbridge Line raised this issue of reducing Canon street services from Hildenborough? And please get on to them asap about this drastic shortening of the 08.19

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