TLC reveals Tonbridge’s least punctual train

Research by Tonbridge Line Commuters has revealed that Tonbridge’s most frequently late train is the 07:59 to Cannon Street. By analysing recent Network Rail data, TLC has established that the 07:59 only arrives within 5 minutes of its scheduled arrival time in London on 62% of occasions. In contrast, the 07:23 arrives within the 5 minute window around 98% of the time. A full comparison of all our morning rush hour trains is given in our article in the latest issue of Travel Topics, our newsletter available exclusively to members.

Readers may be interested to know how we obtained the punctuality data for our article, and to do their own research to help them decide which train to catch. Better information of this kind has long been sought by passengers, but not always delivered by the railway. However, Network Rail is now releasing more data than ever before, and new websites and apps are making that information available to travellers in exciting and accessible ways.

For our research we used the Recent Train Times website. This service allows you to look up how late (or on time!) your train is on average, showing the percentage of time your train arrives no more than five minutes late (the official definition of lateness). You can decide what period of old data to examine, up to the previous 100 days. It is therefore provides invaluable information on which trains tend to be late and which ones tend to be on time, allowing you to make a more informed choice before you travel.

Passengers may also wish to be aware of the Real Time Trains website. This offers a similar service to Live Departure Boards on the National Rail website, but with more detail. It even allows you to look up trains that run up to a week in the past. This is particularly useful when you have been delayed and want to submit a Delay Repay claim, as you can check exactly how late the you caught train was.

If anybody spots any other useful websites or apps, we would be interested to hear more and let our members know about them.

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