All change at London Bridge - how is it for you?

On 12th January passengers may have been forgiven for expecting the worst, as the rebuilding of the Southeastern side of London Bridge station got underway and a new timetable began. Despite recent chaos at Kings Cross and Paddington, things went reasonably well at London Bridge with the engineering works over the weekend finishing almost on time. The new Southeastern timetable also appears to being operating smoothly as far as the trains themselves are concerned. For passengers, things aren't necessarily quite so straightforward. Until August 2016 no Charing Cross trains are stopping at London Bridge, so there is a drastic reduction in services to that station. The feedback we're received indicates that the effect is being felt more severely at smaller stations such as Hildenborough, which had relatively few services to begin with.

Overall, we think that Southeastern and Network Rail have done reasonably well in managing the change. The new timetable is holding up, unlike the timetable on Southern, and Charing Cross trains are running surprisingly smoothly through the building site of London Bridge. There has also been a reasonable effort to make passengers aware of the situation. However, a number of significant problems remain:

Please contact us to let us know your own experiences. We've also started voicing our views on Twitter, where you can find us @TonLinCommuters. Rest assured we'll continue to press Southeastern and its industry partners to provide the best possible service during this period of inevitable distruption.