TLC urges passengers to claim compensation for recent disruption

Over the last fortnight there has been a lot of disruption on our line, including major delays yesterday morning (Monday 4th November). TLC urges all its members to fill out a Delay Relay form on the Southeastern website whenever they are delayed for 30 minutes or more.

Yesterday's delays were caused by a train losing power after hitting an object on the tracks when running through Tonbridge. Services were severely disrupted during the morning peak, with some passengers enduring a tortuous journey via Redhill. We received a detailed explanation from Southeastern later the same day, which is reproduced below:

“It appears the 0612 Ore to London Charing Cross service struck an object as it travelled on the middle fast lines through Tonbridge station at approximately 0735 this morning. The shoe gear was ripped off which meant the train suffered a complete loss of power and came to a stand. A rescue train and additional staff were deployed to evacuate passengers from the train using a special bridging ramp. The evacuation of passengers was completed at around 1030 and passengers held on this train will be receiving a goodwill gesture on top of delay-repay compensation.

“We and Network Rail are conducting a full investigation into what happened and we’d be happy to share this with you once completed.

“Buses were called in to convey passengers between Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks while the line was blocked. As a result, other services via Tonbridge were delayed, cancelled and diverted.

“We are very sorry for the disruption and all customers delayed by 30 minutes or more are entitled to compensation.”