Private Eye publishes TLC letter on Boxing Day train services

The Christmas edition of Private Eye published a TLC letter in their "Signal Failures" section concerning the bizarre reasons why Southeastern are unable to provide train travel on Boxing Day. John Morton, a TLC committee member, has been spearheading a campaign for better train services at Christmas, particularly on Boxing Day. He wrote to Sir John Stanley, MP for Tonbridge concerning this. Sir John Stanley then wrote to the head of Southeastern trains whose reply highlighted the bizarre workings of the way that the Department for Transport manages franchises in the UK. It turns out that although Southeastern can generate ticket sales to cover the costs of running the Boxing Day service, they need to make a 500% profit on running the Boxing service in order for them not to lose money from running this service! This is because Southeastern are currently in "revenue support", and the poorly thought out DfT franchise rules result in this absurd and archaic situation! An excerpt of the Private Eye letter can be found here. More on the Boxing Day train service campaign can be found here.