Fair Fares Now Petition to highlight train prices

Tonbridge Line Commuters have accepted an invitation by the Campaign for Better Transport to petition for fairer fares for rail travellers. Fair Fares Now is calling on the government for:

This is an issue that Tonbridge Line Commuters fully supports. Train fares from Tonbridge, Hildenborough, and Paddock Wood have risen drastically in recent years. The cost of a season ticket between Tonbridge and London was:

This is a 34.6% rise in 4 years. In the same period RPI inflation has risen by only 12.9% (Comparison of RPI all items in 2006 and 2010. Data from the Office for National Statistics here). This has been allowed because individual ticket fares are capped by the government at RPI +8% and not RPI + 3% as commonly believed. This is explained in an excellent article written by the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers' Association here.

It is feared that by 2015 the cost of a season ticket from Tonbridge to London will be 4374 - see article written by the Campaign for Better Transport here. Tonbridge Line Commuters are therefore supporting the "Fair Fares" initiative from the Campaign for Better Transport. Please sign their petition here.