TLC using FOI Act to investigate 11.8% fare increases of 2011

Research undertaken by TLC has suggested that the average season ticket price rise for stations in Kent was 11.8% rather than the allowed 7.8% - see link here. TLC have therefore started investigating how South Eastern Trains have been allowed to rise fares so much for commuters in Kent. TLC have already sent a request to the Department for Transport under the Freedom of Information Act requesting answers to the following two questions:

TLC have received an unsatisfactory reply from the DfT who did not answer either of the above questions. We will therefore be challenging the response to the FOI request. Nevertheless the DfT reply did include some useful references which may interest our members:

TLC also have access to total passenger numbers for all railway stations in the UK from the link here.

However, having read the 300 page standard franchise agreement, and with these various data sources, TLC still do not have sufficient information to make an independent assessment of the actual average fare increase in the SET franchise in 2011. For example, TLC require more information about the "basket of fares". We hope to obtain this information from further correspondence with the DfT.