Review of Rail Network Performance in the Snow of December 2010

The Tonbridge Line Commuters has received significant feedback from its members about the recent awful performance of the rail network in the Tonbridge area during the snow falls of early December 2010. TLC have therefore written a document summarising these complaints along with photos and screen shot examples where relevant.

TLC are keen to work with South Eastern Trains (SET), Network Rail (NR) and the Department for Transport (DfT) to ensure that this woeful performance does not happen again. TLC have therefore also listed a few good points about the response of SET as well as a list of 26 suggestions for improving their performance in the future.

TLC will be sending this report to people who can influence the rail industry for the benefit of TLC commuters - namely SET, NR, DfT, as well as local MPs and other local government figures. Feel free to provide us with feedback on this document.

The report is available for download here.