Kent Local Transport Plan #3: 2011 - 2016

Kent County Council (KCC) have release their 3rd Local Transport Plan (LTP) for consultation. This LTP defines the main policies and objectives that KCC will follow in the period from 2011 to 2016. The document is 138 pages long and can be found here.

This document is open to consultation until 31st December 2010 - details for returning correspondence here.

TLC have summarised the main points affecting the travelling public in Tonbridge, Hildenborough, and Paddock Wood below with reference to the sections of the LTP that these policies are stated. We hope you find the 3 pages of summarised LTP more digestible than the full 138 pages!

The LTP consists primarily of 5 areas. The proposed percentage of total funding for each of the areas indicated below (from section 4.24)

Chapter 1. Why Transport is Important to Kent

Chapter 2. Transport Related Problems

Chapter 3. Existing Plans and Strategies

Chapter 5 - The Strategy for Growth Without Gridlock